“The major shock for most first-time listeners is in finding out he is not British.”
(Darrell Jónsson, The Prague Post, Czech Republic, 2008)

“We have three well-known lovers and advocates of British guitar music in Slovakia: Žbirka, Lučenič and Mikloš. The first can soon start enjoying his retirement and the second can continue to experiment with drum’n’bass because we still have the third one. Face to face his new album, I must conclude it flows.”
(Daniel Baláž, SME daily, Slovakia, 2002)

“If there’s anyone on the official Slovak pop scene with creative and interpretation potential predestined to succeed on the international music scene, it’s definitely Karol Mikloš.”
(Martin Kukučka, Music Expres magazine, Slovakia, 2003)

“His album has atmosphere, the important inner tension and, thanks to good production, it can boldly compete with the rest of European mainstream recordings…”
(Jaroslav Špulák, iMusiQ magazine, Czech Republic, 2003)

“Mikloš’s vision of a sound somewhere halfway between Morrissey and Depeche Mode does not change and on his new English-sung album and this singer/songwriter keeps up to his standard.”
(Oliver Rehák, SME daily, Slovakia, 2008)

“On ‘The Past Of The Future’ Karol Mikloš no longer just pays tribute to the greats such as Morrissey, Ian McCulloch or David Sylvian; he has found his unique musical face and is quietly becoming one of the pillars of Czechoslovak alternative scene.”
(spaceboss.net, Czech Republic, 2008)

“Listening to Mikloš doesn’t mean to hear some sonic boom of a pioneer and trailblazer, it is more likely an incredibly skilled tribute to his foreign models with no need to be ashamed for or to dissociate himself from them.”
(Tadeáš Haager, Radio Wave, Czech Republic, 2008)

“All ten tracks are a clear alternative to the suffocating and monotonous pop flowing in from our Slovak neighbours.”
(Dan Hájek, musicserver.cz, Czech Republic, 2008)

“It’s as if the songs were leaves that Mikloš throws down off of himself. Leaves falling from the past into the future, merging these two worlds into one.”
(Zuzana Husárová, Žurnál magazine, Slovakia, 2008)